Evaluating the Properties of Polymers

To manufacture your perfect product you need to know that you have the right material.  We can help to evaluate the properties of polymers so you can better understand material behavior and predict performance.

Some of our techniques for property evaluation include:

  • Polarized Optical Microscope equipped with a digital camera – look for evidence of voids, inclusions, contamination, discontinuities, origin of cracks or other important features within polymer materials.
  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) – examine and image the morphological structure of polymer-based materials, identifying , for example, porosity, fibre length/orientation, filler/pigment dispersion, processing defects and chemical attack. This technique can also measure the layer thickness of multi-layer polymer components.
  • Mechanical Testing – measure tensile / compression / flexural strength, the modulus and elongation of polymer samples at a range of temperatures.
  • Measurement of physical properties – density, porosity, hardness, thermal conductivity and thermal expansion coefficient, etc.

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