Lucideon prepares metallographic mounts for further evaluation by techniques including SEM-EDS analysis, metallurgical evaluation, and measurement of features by calibrated image analysis software to help clients solve a wide variety of problems, perform research and development, and qualify operators, processes and materials.

In our machine shop, we can section hardware of nearly any size and any material. Metallographic mounts can be prepared in a range of sizes up to 8 inches in diameter.

Careful mounting, polishing and etching is critical to reveal the true microstructural features of a specimen for evaluation. Lucideon is widely recognized for the quality of our metallographic mounts. Our expert metallographers can succesfully polish composite specimens consisting of dissimiliar materials, and provide mounted coated specimens that exhibit excellent edge retention. Field metallography and replication services for large components or structures are also available.

In addition, digital imaging via calibrated image analysis software can highlight and document important specimen features. Our imaging capabilities include photomacrography in magnifications up to 50X, and photomicrography up to 1000X using brightfield, darkfield, polarized light or differential interference contrast imaging. Versatile image processing and analysis software and automated stage microscopy are available for rapid, quantitative image analysis of large or intricate cross-sections.

Metallography reference kits are available for selected materials. These kits, which are certified and reproducible, contain standardized, pre-tested materials and may be used for audits, round robin evaluations, or training new personnel. They meet the present requirements for Nadcap audits and PRI.

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