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Cryogenic Testing

Mechanical testing at cryogenic levels simulates the performance of materials in temperatures from -196°C / -321°F to ambient.

When working on next level development you need to be able to go beyond the standard and find a method of testing and characterization that really delivers.

The lack of cryogenic engineering data, coupled with the demand for novel materials to increase applications, is driving the need for advanced cryogenic temperature testing.

We partner with manufacturers to provide more than just the data. Our experts work closely with you on your projects to deliver cryogenic testing while also being able to develop and validate custom test methods, interpret your results and advise on the next steps. All of this can be delivered in isolation, or as part of a wider suite of testing and characterization services.

If you are looking to partner with a lab to help you deliver real insight and end results, not just standard testing, then contact one of our team today to see how we can collaborate.

Cryogenic testing is a growing requirement in the space, healthcare and oil and gas sectors especially. The wide range of applications for materials in cryogenic conditions means standard testing does not always provide the true picture of predicted performance. We promote a custom testing approach to ensure you get the most out of your results.

But what do those results mean?

A common issue our partners have faced with other providers is that they send off a sample or product, and then a few weeks later they get a report. We understand that insights can emerge through a test program, and continually communicate to ensure those insights can be acted on, so your program yields the greatest results.

We also believe in delivering those results in a meaningful way, through interpretation from the materials experts who deliver the project, ensuring you get more than just the numbers.


Cryogenic Testing for the Private Launch Industry

The private launch industry has grown exponentially over the past decade, shifting the broader space sector from a centralized, government driven agency, to one where innovation of private companies is defining the future of the industry. This innovation is driving forward the widespread use of advanced materials and technologies, such as additive manufacturing, to reduce development timescales and rapidly deliver solutions.

Successful utilization of these advanced materials and technologies requires an in depth understanding of how these materials respond in these extreme environments, particularly in cryogenic environments where data availability is scarce. Lucideon works closely with our partners in the industry to develop novel solutions to not only understand material performance at these cryogenic temperatures, but guide our clients on what this means to their broader systems.

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