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Hip Wear Testing - Test Methods

Hip Wear Testing - Test Methods


All our Hip Wear testing is performed using two Six-station hip simulators developed and manufactured by Simulator Solutions. These in-vitro simulators have been specifically designed in order represent in-vivo conditions allowing us to carry out wear testing to the highest standard achievable.


The Six Station ProSim Hip Wear Simulator allows us to test up to six implants simultaneously with an additional 2 Load soaked control stations. Our highly advanced testing equipment and laboratory allows us to perform ISO and ASTM Standardized testing.

  • Up to six implants can be tested simultaneously
  • Up to two implants can be load soaked
  • Axial Loading of up to 5kN
  • Flexion-Extension range of ±60°
  • Abduction-Adduction motion range of ± 20°
  • Interior-Exterior Rotation range of ±30°


Testing is performed up to 5 Million cycles with Standard inspections being carried out every 500,000 cycles in order to inspect the joint and to carry out gravimetric analyses. Our Laboratory has the facility to collect and store the Bovine serum at these inspection stages where we can carry out our additional Particle isolation and characterisation service.

As well as carrying out standardised wear testing our in house experts can modify set up conditions and adapt our load-motion profiles in order to carry out specific wear tests depending on the clients need. The limitations of our simulators have been tried and tested by our trained experts ensuring consistent and repeatable results being delivered every time.

ISO and ASTM Standards

  • ISO 14242- Implants for surgery - Wear of total hip-joint prostheses.
  • ASTM F2025- Practice for Gravimetric Measurement of Polymeric Components for Wear Assessment

Related Tests

  • ISO 18192-1:2011 - Implants for surgery - Wear of total intervertebral spinal disc prostheses.
  • ISO 17853:2011 - Wear of Implant Materials - Polymer and Metal wear Particles - Isolation and Characterisation.
  • ASTM F1877 - Standard Practice for Characterization of Particles


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