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Offsite & Modular Buildings

Transportability, Storage & Installation

Lucideon can verify the adequacy of your transport, storage and installation (TSI) and assess the impact of any damage sustained.

Transportability, storage and installation issues can have a significant impact on the end use of the building as panels can be damaged during any of these stages.

Inadequately stored panels can deteriorate if unprotected due to weather or fail when put under load due to poor storage and transport techniques.

Installation has additional problems of adequate panel lifting points that do not impact on the way the panels join to form the building and yet are adequate to allow safe lifting techniques.

Transporting, storing and installation options also impact on the costs of the overall build, hence any savings that can be made during the construction process can be factored into the project cost, giving a cost advantage in the initial tender process. Our experts can work with you to ensure that your TSI is not only adequate but optimized.

Should damage occur we can make future use assessments, giving you a basis on which to decide whether components can still be utilized.