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Offsite & Modular Buildings

Internal Fittings Assessments

We can assess offsite units for all types of modular building projects, from hotel, residential and student accommodation, to public sector buildings and high-rise offices.

Our experts test individual fixings in-situ, e.g. cupboards, toilets and rails, and the load characteristics of fitted and complete units (bathrooms, kitchens, etc.).

Testing includes:

  • Water tightness of floor to wall and wall to wall junctions
  • Loadings of fittings and fixings
  • Impacts on the finishes and entire unit assembly
  • Environmental conditioning of finishes and fittings (compatibility with cleaning agents and ability to withstand high humidity conditions)

When transporting finished units, differential movements can affect both the exterior and interior fittings, i.e. cracking of tiles and wall junctions or loosening of fittings. We are able to simulate these movements in our laboratories or monitor movements during transportation to quantify any damage caused, and advise on methods of stiffening or alternative construction techniques to avoid costly and timely onsite repairs.