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Offsite & Modular Buildings

Assembly Process

Let us help you optimise your speed of assembly.

Optimisation has the effect of reducing costs on-site, as less man hours for the build and less machine time per module during installation are required. This has the ultimate effect of allowing each module to go to market more quickly, resulting in a quicker return on investment.

To ensure a streamlined approach we can carry out assembly trials in our laboratories.

We will examine and trial the details of the lifting plans, jointing details and complexity of assembly instructions with regard to ease of use. Our experts can then attend site to assess the real life ease of assembling the panels to form the finished structure.

We can also produce models to increase efficiency.

Failures during the working life of the building will more likely come from poor panel connections; we can evaluate these connections and sealant techniques during the construction phase to reduce instances of failures. We can also develop best practice guides and installation manuals with manufacturers to aid with training, installation and quality control of the build.