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Structural Testing

Maintenance Assessments

Manufacturers and installer guarantees often require maintenance schedules in order to ensure that a building is performing efficiently and safely.

When investigating factors such as age, materials and the design of a building, we can carry out an initial condition assessment in order to gain a full understanding of the building.

The outcomes of an initial condition assessment can be used to provide proof of the buildings actual environmental and structural condition and outline in-situ sampling and testing techniques, which can then be subsequently used to create a maintenance schedule or for refurbishment and retrofitting projects.

Reactive maintenance, rather than proactive and preventative maintenance, is often seen in older buildings once a failure has occurred. These failures can have an exponential effect and lead to additional failures such as equipment or area shutdowns, and accidents or injuries to employees or members of the public.

When these failures occur, we can help you to determine the root cause of the failure and work with you to mitigate the likelihood of them happening again.