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Building Materials Testing

Failure Analysis

At Lucideon we help you to determine why and where materials, products and components are failing.

We perform analysis to find the cause of failure, and use these results to set corrective actions and/or find liability.

Preventing failures often starts with product development; we strongly advise that your products are tested during the design stage to prevent failures occurring further down the line.

As samples can fail during installation or during their working life we customize the techniques for their sampling and analysis according to the specific material and application.

Failures may be due to wear, corrosion, chemical, fatigue or environmental conditions.

We use petrographic analysis of concrete and stone to establish the nature and structure of materials, and techniques such as SEM and optical microscopy to determine microstructure, grain size, morphology and bonding or reaction structures. Our metallurgy experts use techniques ranging from optical microscopy and SEM-EDS analysis to our state-of-the-art electron microprobe and advanced surface analysis techniques, to obtain qualitative and quantitative information about the characteristics of a material and hence determine possible failure mechanisms.