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Consumer Products

Claim Substantiation Services - Consumer Products

Proving the specific performance of products is a challenge that we are commonly asked to address. The benefits that a product provides make up its unique selling point and differentiate it from other products on the market, but proving and visualizing claims in a meaningful way often requires novel approaches.

Whether it's instilling consumer confidence or satisfying regulatory and advertising claims, independent and scientific evidence provides indisputable support for product claims. Some common claims we help to substantiate include mechanical performance, stability benefits, the deposition of actives, and the chemical and physical effects of a product on a substrate.

We have positioned ourselves as market leaders in claims substantiation by utilizing our materials expertise and state-of-the-art analytical equipment, capable of providing powerful chemical and physical data, as well as imagery that demonstrates the performance of products such as pastes, gels, adhesives, cements and bioactive materials.

We provide quantitative and qualitative product analysis, producing scientific conclusions and support that's both visual and backed by detailed data and expert interpretation.

Our consumer products claim substantiation service includes:

  • Development of new test methods
  • Product property insights
  • 3D Imaging of your product at work
  • Quantitative, scientific evidence for product claims.

Dental Product Claim Support

We work with a range of dental products, including adhesives, bioactive materials and prosthetics. Examples of claims we can substantiate include:

  • Accelerated ageing and property analysis – prove a product's enhanced shelf life
  • Novel materials – prove functionality
  • Release/promotion of bioactive materials from your products
  • Cleaning and sterilization validation of dental instruments
  • Mechanical properties.

Oral Care Products R&D Support

Our R&D support for oral care products includes optimization of actives and stability enhancement.