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Power Generation Component Failure Analysis

Power Generation Materials & Components - Failure Analysis

Failure analysis of power generation components, materials, and turbines is crucial, both for safety and efficiency reasons. We perform failure investigations on materials ranging from concrete in-base support systems to gearbox and complete generator failure, to support OEMs, owners, operators, and insurance companies.

Our materials and process experts can identify the root cause of failures of both materials and processes, and suggest remedial action so they can be avoided in future.

Wind Turbines


Examples of the materials failure analysis work we carry out include:

  • Turbine blade failure analysis, and all turbine hardware
  • Coating system adhesion failure analysis on turbine blades
  • Corrosion and wear-related failure analysis of seal rings in an electric utility generator
  • Root cause investigation of deposit build-up on process equipment
  • Trip failure analysis in electrical relays
  • Failure evaluation of crevice corrosion in generator stator bar brazed joints, leak path and insulation failure investigations.
  • Total power generator failure investigations
  • Petrographic analysis of deteriorated concrete support systems

Failures in service

Lucideon will provide independent failure investigation services that include materials testing governed by rigorous quality management system requirements.

  • UKAS, ISO 17025
  • 10CFR50 Appendix B (nuclear)
  • Nadcap (aerospace & defence)
  • GE S-400

We can conduct site visits to examine the failure in its environment and provide advice on appropriate sample collection techniques and photographic documentation of evidence.


Analytical capabilities

Our range of analytical techniques ranging from visual inspection and photo documentation through microstructural and micro-chemical analysis are applied to investigate failures of all types.