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Concrete and Mortar Testing

Condition Monitoring of Concrete

Concrete is widely used in large and costly infrastructure projects. Condition monitoring of concrete provides information and data during the casting process, as well as during the life of the structure to enable efficient and economical maintenance.

At Lucideon, we can:

  • Monitor the temperature of wet concrete after pouring which is valuable in determining when formwork can be stripped and when assessing the hydration levels of the concrete. Early stripping of formwork can lead to large time and cost savings, and hence allows the project to continue in a timely manner.
  • Measure the presence of chloride and sulphates, and the depth of carbonation by using probes during the casting of concrete. The presence of these elements causes deterioration of any reinforcement present and this enables maintenance schedules to be better planned which in turn reduces costs and minimises disruption.
  • Remotely monitor the cracking of concrete; if concrete is showing signs of cracking we are able to position sensors such that any opening up or elongation of the cracks can be monitored. Remote sensors can be used so that any movement can be monitored at chosen intervals, from every second to daily. We are also able to set-up alerts in order that a message is sent when certain parameters are reached.