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Information and Knowledge Services

Lucideon's Information Centre has many years of experience in answering technical and commercial enquiries from customers from a wide range of industry sectors and has amassed an extensive collection of material and expertise.

Our in depth knowledge of available information resources and where to quickly source that vital piece of information enables us to effectively respond to our customers' enquiries.

We are able to supply you with a steady stream of information ranging from technical and commercial information to new product information, helping you to manage your business need and save valuable time.


Lucideon Technology Partners and Associates have exclusive and unlimited access to our information services including:

  • Technical Searches – access to the services of our information specialists – use our skills and expertise and let us do the searching for you.
  • World Ceramics Abstracts Database – round the clock access to the key online resource for global information on ceramic materials, properties, and applications.
  • Personalized Alert Services – keep up-to-date with tailored alerts matched to your keyword preferences for monitoring developments in your specific areas of interest.
  • Environmental Information Service – assistance with environmental related enquiries and regulatory information. Regular bulletins and online access to information.
  • Library Services – full use of our library services and access to our specialized collection of ceramics and materials information.
  • Document Supply – copies can be quickly supplied from our own resources or sourced direct from publisher.
  • Quick Turnaround Service – providing a fast response to your information needs.
  • Information Allowance – available to cover any copyright fees.

Information Resources

Our information specialists are supported by some of the best scientific and technical databases and a range of extensive research tools. These include:

  • Suite of scientific and technical databases with in-depth coverage of subjects including: aerospace, biomedical, ceramics and glass, building materials and construction, materials science, metals, environment, and much more.
  • ScienceDirect – a major full text online scientific resource.
  • Comprehensive range of journal subscriptions covering advanced materials, ceramics, construction, glass, materials science, minerals, and refractories.

Personal Visits

Technology Partners are welcome to visit the Information Centre by appointment.

For further information:

To find out more about how our information services can help you, please contact Hannah Poole on: hannah.poole@lucideon.com or +44 (0)1782 764284.

Interested in becoming a Technology Partner?

Contact Caroline Mullington, Technology Partnership Manager - caroline.mullington@lucideon.com or +44 (0)1782 764422.

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