Polymer Solutions

Polymers are increasingly utilized in a broad range of sectors due to their unique blend of properties, from high strength to flexibility, at a reasonable cost.  At Lucideon, we appreciate the exceptionally high standards that the rapidly advancing sectors we serve are held to.  Therefore, unlike test labs, Lucideon leverages its analytical backbone to solve complex challenges that can be translated into efficient solutions to reflect the growth and prestige of our customers' businesses.


To take full advantage of the beneficial properties of polymers, it is essential to understand the intimate connection between polymer structure and process conditions to minimize quality issues, product failure and underperformance. Using a consolidated ‘three pillars’ approach, Lucideon’s team of polymer experts and analytical specialists can attack any polymer related challenge. Examples include:

  • Overcoming quality and performance issues associated with raw materials or manufacturing processes
  • Reducing production delays and costs when you suddenly loose access to third party materials
  • Aiding cost cutting and achieving timely development of new products through polymer consultancy, material development and process optimization

With our staff of expert polymer scientists, analytical chemists and consultants, Lucideon’s ‘three pillars’ approach can be applied to:

  • Any polymer material and manufacturing process whether its coating, blow molding, injection molding, extruding, melt spinning, 3D printing or more
  • Any segment of the value chain from OEM’s to value added, parts & components and packaging manufacturers
  • Any pillar as a starting point to troubleshoot and solve issues related to undesirable or unknown material properties and manufacturing challenges
  • Development of new polymer materials, from material selection to testing, characterization and scale-up, for differentiated products that can be inserted directly in to your product pipeline avoiding costly delays

Mid-Term and Long Term Initiatives

At Lucideon, we understand that in order to maintain a competitive edge, it is essential to develop novel materials and processes for new products. Therefore, we support our own internal polymer material developments and manage public funded projects with our collaborators from multiple organizations and industries. Examples include:


  • Antimicrobial polymers for woundcare
  • Bioresorbable, drug eluting composites for stents
  • Third gen. scaffolds


  • Fiber reinforced composites for additive manufacturing


  • Novel coatings for photovoltaics
  • Formulations for supercapacitor electrodes

Polymer analysis capabilities

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