Webinar: Ensuring Quality and Standardization in Powder Metal Input for Additive Manufacturing

We’re running this free webinar on Thursday 8 December at 10am EST, 3pm UK time.

Hosted by Joan Morra, Metallurgical Engineer, and Dr Phil Jackson, Technical Manager, Healthcare, the webinar will cover the importance of powder quality and optimization for successful Additive Manufacturing processes.

Metal powder cost is the biggest expense in the AM process; the type of powder and its properties are therefore central to optimizing the process, ensuring build quality and reducing waste. Not all powders are created equal; powders can differ by manufacturing method, morphology, particle size distribution and chemistry.

The webinar will cover:

  • Properties of metal powders that influence AM
  • Techniques for powder evaluation
  • How virgin powder compares to recycled powder
  • The use of Factorial Experimental Design to link powder properties and process variables to final product quality.

[Registration is now closed for this webinar].

» Please click here for the webinar recording