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Lucideon to Jointly Run Biodensol Project

Lucideon is pleased to announce that, together with the University of Lyon, it has been successful in its application to run ‘Biodensol’, a 7th framework European project to provide a network for initial training in the field of dentistry

The project will support three PhD students as they research and employ novel powder materials (glass, ceramic, sol-gel) to create new, improved dental products, such as longer-life fillings or products that tackle caries or tooth enamel erosion. After an 18-month placement at Lucideon to develop strong material and chemistry skills, the students will then spend 18 months in Lyon, assessing prototype products and building expertise in cell biology and dental practice.


Dr. Phil Jackson, Technical Manager, Healthcare, Lucideon, said:

“Our main role at Lucideon is to train the students in inorganic powder preparation and characterization. We will arrange for them to visit and to work in factories that produce powders, in order to bring an industrial influence to the project.

“Leading initiatives such as this enables us to add to the materials development that we are doing in healthcare. We also benefit enormously from working alongside new, young graduates who bring fresh ideas and thinking to the table. This, in turn, can only benefit our clients, particularly those that we are working with on powder processing optimization projects.”

Lucideon has been involved in many EU-funded projects, the most recent of which was the BioBone (Bioceramics for Bone Repair) project where Lucideon, as part of a pan-European consortium, successfully developed phosphate-glasses (p-glasses) with biomaterial properties for bone repair.

Lucideon also invests heavily in developing its materials technologies, examples of which include inorganic controlled release technologies, antimicrobial materials for medical devices, including dental applications, and bioactive materials for consumer healthcare and orthopaedic products.


October 2014