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Our inorganic materials research forms the basis of our drug delivery work and product line.  Read more below and on our dedicated Healthcare Technologies website here

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We have developed a silica drug delivery system that is inorganic, controlled and safe. iCRT has been developed by our experts for delivery of actives, including:

  • Small and large molecules
  • Both organic and inorganic
  • Inorganic ions.

Lucideon has signed an exclusive agreement with Skyepharma to develop an Abuse-Deterrent Opioid using iCRT-deter technology.

Some fundamental benefits of the technology:

Fundamental Benefits of iCRT technology

How the technology works

iCRT allows the drug to be introduced into an inorganic amorphous matrix and subsequently encapsulated by two key approaches:

iCRT Technology

  1. Release via diffusion from an inert insoluble matrix.
  2. Release via dissolution of soluble carrier matrix and consequent release of actives from particle pores.

This graph shows how the platform can sustain release of APIs over an extended period:

Oxycodone Release (20% load)

Changed process parameters to achieve desired "sustained release profile" with same excipient chemistry

"The bottom up production approach means we can control the chemical composition and physical properties of the product powders. This allows us to modify release rates in different environments and media." – Dr Mark Cresswell, Senior Development Scientist at Lucideon.

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