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We have a number of proprietary healthcare technology platforms which can be viewed on our Healthcare Materials Technologies website.

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» Our article published in ONdrugDelivery, 'The Prescription Abuse Epidemic: Designing a Solution', can be downloaded via the Resources panel on the right.

MxHA - Enhanced biocompatibility and bioactivity

Multi-substituted hydroxyapatite for bone/tooth replacement, repair and drug delivery applications.

Glass Technology - Superior performance glasses

We have developed novel manufacturing processes and compositions to deliver the chemical and physical properties you require.

iCRT (inorganic Controlled Release Technology) - A silica drug delivery system that is inorganic, controlled and safe

Our materials research forms the basis of our drug delivery work and product line. iCRT (inorganic Controlled Release Technology) has been developed by our experts for delivery of key actives. >A core application is abuse deterrence products. Fnd out more about iCRT-deter here.

FS (Flash Sintering) - A world first

FS (Flash Sintering) is a low-energy ceramic processing technology, based on the application of an electric field to the ceramic body during sintering.

VPP (Viscous Plastic Processing) - A unique technology by expert ceramicists

The VPP (Viscous Plastic Processing) technique produces ceramics and composites with improved properties by eliminating microstructure defects and breaking down agglomerates.

Composites - Novel and enhanced composites

Our optimized composite processing technologies deliver superior materials such as our key platform, bioresorbable polymers.

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    The Prescription Abuse Epidemic: Designing a Solution

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    Alternatives to Microbeads

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    Abuse Deterrence for the Pharmaceutical Market

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    Inorganic Powders in Dentistry

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