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Flash Sintering - Tileware Applications

Reducing high production costs and CO2 emissions

Tileware manufacturing is an energy intensive process involving high temperature firing and indirect heating. 30% of the costs are due to the energy use, and with UK and EU legislations pushing to reduce carbonfoot prints and environmental impact, industry needs to reduce its energy costs now.

Existing measures increase efficiency all together; what we are proposing is a step change ancillary technology to be allied to the existing ones. Lucideon won a Regional Growth Fund grant to commercialize this technology in a £2.5 million project.

Flash Sintering Technology enables us to sinter whiteware bodies at much lower temperatures and shorter times than conventional sintering. The figure below illustrates the savings which could be made in this sector from the Flash Sintering Technology.

Field Enhanced Sintering Technology - Money Saved on Whiteware Firing


The video below shows a 20 mm disc of pressed tile ware material sintered under isothermal conditions by Flash Sintering at a furnace temperature of 950°C. The uniform glow of the sample shows homogenous field propagation, with sintering occurring at reduced firing times and furnace temperatures, compared to conventional methods.


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