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Key Team Members

Working on this ground-breaking technology development project we have the multidisciplinary Flash Sintering team, headed by project leader Dr. David Pearmain.

Dr. David Pearmain, Head of Flash SinteringDr David Pearmain

David has a PhD in Nanophysics, the work for which involved an effort with industrial partners to design efficient structural screening techniques of Palladium catalyst particles. David heads our Flash Sintering Materials Processing team.

Dr. Chris Green, Senior Electrical Design EngineerDr Chris Green

Chris holds a BEng in Electrical Engineering and PhD focusing on nanostructured polymer materials. With experience managing an international R&D project in the power transmission sector, Chris is the Electrical Design Engineer, responsible for developing the electrical hardware and control systems for any given FES application.

Dr. Aminat Bolarinwa, Senior Materials EngineerDr Aminat Bolarinwa

Aminat holds a MEng Degree in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering and a PhD in the formulation of a bioresponsive ceramic bone replacement. With significant experience of formulating and sintering bioceramics, Aminat works on the processing of advanced ceramic materials and the effects of sintering atmospheres.

Our Flash Sintering team is, of course, backed up by our extensive team of international scientists, engineers, technicians, commercial analysts and consultants who work with clients to develop the next generation of materials, products, processes and technologies. You can read more about our experts here.

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