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We develop and optimize composite processing technologies, including materials selection, to tailor mechanical properties and biodegradation rate.  We also have expertise in the development of bioresorbable composites.

Lucideon is leading an EU project, ReBioStent, which aims to develop biodegradable stents with superior mechanical properties through the use of novel polymer and glass chemistries and processes.

We are also running an EU-funded Industrial PhD training program for students, HyMedPoly, to develop antimicrobial composites from novel inorganic and organic materials using a multi-faceted approach.


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  • Lucideon's Guide to Composites

    Composites are being used more and more in many different industries, thanks to the enhanced properties that are realised from the combining of materials.
    In this guide we will look at what composites are, highlighting their advantages and explaining how they work. We will also consider how to design with composites and how to test composites and components to ensure that they perform to the best of their ability.

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