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The Applications of Digital Image Correlation Technology in Healthcare

With increased pressure from regulatory bodies demanding stringent testing throughout the design, validation and manufacturing phases of healthcare product development, test methods are becoming increasingly complex. Digital Image Correlation (DIC) offers in depth analysis, in a simple yet efficient and comprehensive manner.

Using high powered digital cameras and the latest high-tech software DIC provides visual and quantitative analysis of surface strains of materials and products undergoing stress testing. Highlighting the areas of high strain informs the response of a component under various loading conditions in a non-destructive way, characterises mechanical behaviour and can verify and refine finite element analysis models.

DIC analysis presents a far more complete analysis than previously possible with traditional test methods, meaning problems can be addressed with more effective in-depth solutions. Optimisation of sample and product performance using DIC is a diverse technique which can be used across many areas of the healthcare industry, and across many material ranges, as a standalone test or in conjunction with others. Along with a vast computational ability, this diversity allows DIC to be a valuable tool for engineers, scientists and designers looking to implement solutions and analysis throughout the healthcare sector.

This paper will explore the applications of DIC technology in healthcare, discussing how it can aid in the development and testing of new devices in the orthopaedic and cardiovascular industry as well as validating theoretical test models and providing in-situ analysis.

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