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Social Media Codes of Conduct

Our social media accounts allow us to share company information and communicate with our audience. We may also share industry news from news sources or direct from other businesses, the sharing of third party content is in no way an endorsement of that content.

Below are some of codes of conduct that we operate for each of our social media accounts.

The codes of conduct cover the following social media platforms and accounts:


  • @_Lucideon
  • @LucideonHealth
  • @LucideonBuild
  • @LucideonTest
  • @Lucideon_Assure
  • @AMRICCStoke


  • Lucideon
  • Lucideon Healthcare (showcase page)
  • Lucideon Construction (showcase page)
  • Lucideon Testing & Analysis Services (showcase page)
  • Lucideon CICS Limited


  • LucideonInnovation
  • Lucideoncics
  • Amriccstoke


  • CeramMaterials
  • CICSglobal


  • Lucideon
  • Lucideon CICS


  • _lucideon

The above list of accounts is not meant to be exhaustive and any other accounts opened by Lucideon staff that are to be used for the purpose of promoting the business’s brand will be considered subject to these codes of conduct whether listed or not.
Although all efforts are made to integrate the social side of any platform Lucideon makes no commitments to responding to mentions, retweets, posts, comments, direct messaging or any other form of communications through its Social Media accounts. All formal enquiries should be directed to the company through official email, telephone or written communications. Lucideon is not responsible for the editing of any of its content by other users via retweets, sharing or reposting and is not Lucideon responsible for the context in which its tweets, posts, videos or other content is used by others. Lucideon is not responsible for the terms of use, privacy policy or content of any websites that are linked to through its Social Media accounts. If there are any concerns, inappropriate content, risks etc. identified through the Lucideon accounts or being linked to by Lucideon then you’re advised to make contact using the provided contact details to report it. Lucideon reserves all rights to its Social Media accounts and may delete, add, edit content at any time, block other Social Media users and add or delete accounts without notice.
Any topics discussed are not to be considered as advice or consultation. Information provided through Lucideon's Social Media accounts should not be considered as official, professional or expert statements.