Sampling Best Practice for Improved Business Performance

Webinar Recording

Presented by Dr Chris Pickles, Principal Consultant - Surfaces & Coatings and Dr Richard White, Head of Testing at Lucideon, the webinar explores the importance of sampling in various industry applications, and discusses how knowledge of appropriate sampling strategies and best practice can improve operational efficiency and financial outcomes.

Within a manufacturing business, sampling is an activity used across many operations and in various applications: product and process R&D, raw material/process/product quality control, continuous improvement, competitor comparisons and failure investigations, to name but a few.

During the webinar, the presenters explore the importance of sampling in these applications, including how knowledge of appropriate sampling strategies and best practice can drive-up operational efficiency and improve financial outcomes.

The webinar discusses:

  • The relationship between taking a sample and taking a risk - the risk that an unrepresentative sample may lead to poor decisions and inappropriate actions
  • The techniques used in data analysis which are based on certain assumptions about how the sample was taken and the nature of the population that the sample represents
  • How some knowledge of the assumptions underlying the statistics can help put risks into perspective
  • The approach to sampling for product difference assessment
  • The implications for sampling procedures of different data types
  • Physical sampling issues.

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