How Clean is Your Device? - The Use of Surface Chemical Analysis for the Validation of Device Cleaning Processes

Webinar Recording

Presented by Dr Chris Pickles, the webinar covers the use of surface chemical analysis for the validation of device cleaning processes and discusses how surface and chemical analysis can be used to validate the cleaning processes of medical devices.

In addition to discussing the main techniques used, Chris uses case studies to show how contaminants and their source can be identified and measured.  He also outlines how Validata, Lucideon’s proprietary analytical protocol that monitors and validates cleanliness during production, works.

The webinar includes:

  • Types of contamination – pre- and post-cleaning
  • Conventional cleaning limitations
  • Identifying and measuring contaminants and their source
  • Explanation of techniques – XPS, ToFSIMS, 3DP, LCMS
  • Information about Validata
  • Selected case studies.

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