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Lucideon has published hundreds of articles over the years; a selection of recent articles in the public domain is featured on this page.

Healthcare Sector

Healthcare and credit Engineering Materials, Autumn 2016
Ambiguous standards

Personal Care Magazine, May 2016
The Use Of Surface Imaging For Claims Support

Medical Product Outsourcing, March 2016
Materials Insights: Lucideon Expert talks Bioresorbables and More

Manufacturing Chemist, September 2015
Advancing controlled release: from polymers to inorganics

Med-Tech Innovation, Sept/Oct 2014
Cleanliness Issues Related to Processing of Additive Layer Manufactured Implants

Med-Tech Innovation, August 2014
Additive Manufacturing and Orthopedics

Med-Tech Innovation, May/June 2014
Cleaning Process Validation and Control

Med-Tech Innovation, Nov/Dec 2013, pg 10
Tribology of Orthopedic Implants

Med-Tech Innovation, Sept/Oct 2013, pg 33
Powders in Manufacturing

Med-Tech Innovation, July/Aug 2013, pg 36
Analysis of Coated Stents

Med-Tech Innovation, May/June 2013, pg 22
A Guide to Materials Testing

Med-Tech Innovation, Mar/Apr, pg 26
Coatings, Markings and Materials Troubleshooting

Med-Tech Innovation, Jan/Feb 2013, pg 28
Analysing Surfaces and Bulk Materials

Med-Tech Innovation, Nov/Dec 2012, pg 25
The Research and Development Process

Med-Tech Innovation, Sept/Oct 2012, pg 35
Inorganic Controlled Release Technology

EMDT, July/Aug 2012, pg 22
Developing Biomaterials for Sports-Related Bone Injuries

Med-Tech Innovation, June/July 2012, pg 28
Characterization of Hydroxyapatite

Med-Tech Innovation, May 2012, pg 24
Cleaning Process Validation

Med-Tech Innovation, Jan/Feb 2012, pg 26
Advances in Hydroxyapatite

Med-Tech Innovation, Nov/Dec 2011, pg 30
Evaluating the Changing Characteristics of Polymers

Med-Tech Innovation, Sept/Oct 2011, pg 24
Characterization of Cardiovascular Stents

Medical Device Developments, Vol 3 - pg 28
Bonus Material - Bioceramics and Bioglasses

EMDT, Sept 2011
New Frontiers in Orthopedic Product Design

Orthotec, July/Aug 2011, Volume 2, No. 3:
Advances in Man-Made Materials for Orthopedics

Med-Tech Innovation, May/June 2011
Drug-eluting Bioresorable Stents

Med-Tech Innovation, April 2011
New Materials for Orthopedics

Cleanroom Technology, March 2011:
Measuring material cleanliness

European Medical Device Technology, June 2010, Volume 1, No. 6:
The Role of Ceramic and Glass Powder Processing in Medical Devices

Cleanroom Technology, August 2010:
Clean and validated

Building / Construction Sector

Professional Builders Merchant, September 2017, pg 53
Engineering excellence

Concrete Magazine, November 2016, Volume 50, p34
Digital image correlation gives results for concentrated loading

Global Cement Magazine, Sep 2016, p19
Alkali-activated cements - A clinker-free alternative to Portland cement

Clay Technology, August/September 2013, Issue 144, p3
Waste not want not - A six year review of the state of the clay industry found that the brickmaking sector has long been making good use of waste materials

Building Products, July/August 2013, p22
On The Table - Regulatory Compliance

Building Test News, Apr 2013, Issue 004
CE marking - not long now

Building Products, Mar 2013
Industry Advocate - Are customized products exempt from CE marking?

RCI, Feb 2011
Standing the Test of Time

RCI, Oct 2010
Moving Forward with Testing

Clay Technology, June/July 2010
Raising Standards

Clay Technology, Dec 2009/Jan 2010
Lessons Learnt

Masonry International, Summer 2009
An Alternative to Conventional Windposts: Aggregate Concrete Blockwork Walls Containing WI Beams


Surface Analysis

Engineering Materials, September 2013
Rough with the Smooth

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