World Must Commit to Cutting Carbon by 2020

An agreement on climate change was finally agreed during the talks in Durban. The ‘Durban Platform' will be a legally-binding agreement that will see all developing and developed countries commit to cutting carbon emissions from 2020. Notably, the agreement also includes China, India and the USA (unlike the Kyoto protocol).

Currently, the world's biggest emitters already have targets to cut emissions; these targets are though in the main, voluntary. The talks in Durban will see a legally-binding agreement reached by 2015, meaning that all countries will have to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Shaun Bainbridge, Director at CICS, says:
"It was only a matter of time before all countries had to commit to cutting greenhouse gases. The clients we work with are already buying into the fact that cutting emissions not only limits environmental impact, it also helps them to reduce costs and enhances their green credentials. We look forward to seeing what legal framework comes into place and how this will affect future carbon trading globally."

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