Lucideon Publishes White Paper on Adverse Event Wear Testing

Lucideon has published a new white paper, ‘The Advantages of Including Adverse Event Wear Testing in the Design of Orthopedic Implants’.

Written by Ross Smith, Biomedical Materials Engineer at Lucideon, the paper discusses the limitations of traditional wear testing and the advantages of implementing adverse event wear testing for orthopedic devices.

Lucideon offers orthopedic wear and mechanical testing, including failure analysis, for hip and knee joints from sites in the USA and UK.  Lucideon’s orthopedic services inform implant designers and manufacturers on product performance, durability, wear and causes of failure to help improve functionality.

Ross Smith said: “There is a lot that can be learned from simulated wear testing of implants as to how they will perform in-vivo.  Medical devices require testing for regulatory purposes but the information also plays a key role in product development and optimization.

“Currently, not every implant undergoes adverse event testing.  With impingement and third body wear testing we consider the real life challenges for medical implants such as excess debris or misalignment of the joint.  These can interfere with the implant and reduce the longevity of the product, dramatically increasing costs and patient inconvenience.  The patient could also suffer significant discomfort that could even lead to a catastrophic failure that may have been predicted if these additional tests had been performed. On the positive side, it also helps manufacturers to prove that their new designs and materials outperform the current best performers.”

Lucideon’s expert orthopedic wear testing and failure analysis services are backed by the latest gold-standard simulators and state-of-the-art facilities.  Lucideon’s orthopedic wear testing labs have undergone over £1Million worth of investment and are supported by analytical chemistry and surface science facilities to understand how and why implants perform as they do.

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    The Advantages of Including Adverse Event Wear Testing in the Design of Orthopedic Implants

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