Lucideon Publishes a New White Paper on Surface Coatings

Lucideon has published a new white paper titled “Surface Engineering Coating Technology and Characterization of the Surface Region”.

The paper was written by Dr. Chris Pickles, Principal Consultant, Surfaces & Coatings at Lucideon, and discusses industrial applications of surface engineering and the techniques used to define the topography and chemical composition of the surface and subsurface regions.

Dr. Chris Pickles said:

“The white paper discusses the merits and processes involved in surface engineering for industry.  It’s important to distinguish between surface engineering which is the design of surface and substrate as a whole functioning unit, as opposed to just surface coating which is a surface added to a substrate for additional functionality rather than complementing unit function.

“What we focus on in this paper is how surface engineering can help to produce cost effective performance that delivers advantage.  This can include chemical and physical processes, single and multilayer coatings and chemical and physical characterization of the affected surface zone”.

Lucideon’s materials experts work with clients from numerous industries ranging from healthcare to construction and ceramics and have in depth knowledge and experience of developing coatings for a wide range of products.  The company’s materials coating services are supported by dedicated, state-of-the-art, surface analysis laboratories.

Download your free copy of the white paper from the panel on the right or to find out more Lucideon’s surface analysis capabilities please click here.

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    Surface Engineering Coating Technology and Characterization of the Surface Region

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