Particulate Engineering - A Future in Healthcare?

Opportunities for Particulate Engineering exist in the Healthcare sector, according to a report just published by the powders activities of the Materials KTN (Knowledge Transfer Network), based at Ceram.

The network, which links companies, intermediate organizations and universities to identify and provide support to meet industry's needs for technology, research and training in particulate engineering, has identified areas where it considers that the expertise of particulate engineering SMEs could prove very valuable. These include: Imaging and sensing techniques, miniaturisation, net shape processing, biomaterials and nanotechnology.
"With the medical devices market in the UK alone worth about EUR 6 billion, there are certainly opportunities for the particulate community to be involved in the healthcare sector in the future," says Bob Blake, author of the report. A Materials KTN Technology Translator, Bob has talked to both major players in the industry, such as DePuy and Biomet, and to leading academics in order to identify predicted technology evolution in the healthcare sector.

The report highlights key recommendations to drive forward development possibilities and to identify opportunities for collaborative research for the particulate community.

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The Materials KTN brings together the materials community including business, design, research and technology organizations, trade associations, the financial market and academia. The Materials KTN provides a range of activities and initiatives to enable the exchange of knowledge and the stimulation of business innovation.

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    Particulate Engineering - a Future in Healthcare?

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