No Slip Ups Thanks to Ceram

Stonhard demonstrates resin flooring can stand the test of time

Being able to prove that a flooring product can stand the test of time is important to any manufacturer. Stonhard, the world's largest manufacturer and installer of high performance epoxy resin floor, wall, coating and lining systems, was able to do just that when they asked Ceram to carry out slip resistance testing on a resin floor at IBM Stuttgart.

Ceram undertook pendulum test measurements in both wet and dry conditions on Stonhard's Stonblend GSI floor sealed using Stonseal GS7 Texture 1, which had been installed at IBM in 2002. The measurements, taken in both unworn and well-trafficked areas, showed that the floor had only marginally changed during the six years it had been in use and indeed was far in excess of the HSE minimum recommended value of 36 in the worst contaminated condition.

Further detailed information from the case study can be found here

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