New White Paper Stresses Importance of Understanding Materials for the Medical Device Industry

Ceram has published a white paper that highlights how critical a knowledge of materials and their characteristics is to the medical device manufacturer.

How A Detailed Understanding of Materials is Playing a Vital role in the Evolution of Medical Device Technology explains how access to comprehensive materials evaluation data will allow medical device companies to make informed decisions on material selection, substitution, and qualification and QA programs.

Author Dr. Richard White, Head of Testing, explains: “Advances in materials technology is going to have a profound effect on healthcare in the 21st century. Manufacturers that want to develop cutting-edge products and that want to launch those products into the marketplace quickly will need to understand how materials and their properties affect products throughout the product lifecycle — from concept and design, to manufacturing and after-use evaluation.”

Ceram is a leading materials analysis company offering medical device materials testing, analysis and consultancy. Services include contamination analysis, cleanliness validation, coating characterization, quality control and assurance, and failure analysis, in addition to modelling, prototyping and surface analysis capabilities.

The white paper is available as a free download via this page.

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