New White Paper Highlights How Construction Industry Can Reduce Costs

Testing at all stages is more efficient than traditional guidances.

Ceram has published a new white paper highlighting how the construction industry can make significant cost reductions, particularly those associated with materials and length of construction. Cost-Effective Design using Construction Test Methods examines the benefits of testing compared with traditional Codes of Practice and profiles a number of examples describing how testing can be implemented throughout the design, construction, handover and refurbishment stages.

Author Dr. Geoff Edgell, Principal Consultant, Construction at Ceram, explains: “Codes of Practice have been the traditional standards that the industry has worked to. However, as the economic climate remains unfavourable in the short-term, there is an opportunity for businesses to greatly reduce costs in critical areas and, therefore, be better positioned when the market recovers. This includes proof-of-concept or material selection at the architectural stage; the introduction of more economical materials or safer techniques during design and construction; and reassessment of structures and testing during refurbishment.”

Using examples from Ceram projects around the world, the white paper provides an opportunity for all areas of the construction industry to review how testing can have a positive impact on their specialist area and avoid common, and expensive, issues such as over-engineering.

Ceram is a leading materials analysis company offering construction testing, analysis and consultancy. Services include building products testing; structures testing; product development; standards and legislation; product design; slip resistance testing; raw materials and site investigations.

The white paper is available as a free download via the panel on the right of page.

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