Lucideon Releases New White Paper for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Lucideon has released a new white paper titled ‘Single Use Systems in the Pharmaceutical Industry – Advantages and Considerations’.

Written by Craig Donald, head of analytical chemistry at Lucideon, the paper discusses the benefits of introducing single use systems into pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, as well as the considerations to take into account to help achieve a smooth and optimized transition.

Craig Donald said:

“Single use systems are gaining popularity in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry due to their ease of use, cost effectiveness and improvements in product quality.  Although significant benefits can be realised, there are certain risk factors that need to be considered when taking such an approach.”

“Within the pharmaceutical industry these considerations are often amplified due to the high risks involved with product contamination and the substantial costs associated with downtime and production issues.  This white paper highlights some of the important points that those manufacturers who are currently using, or thinking of using, single use systems should consider in order to maximise the benefits.”

Lucideon provides testing, analysis and consultancy services to the pharmaceutical sector and the wider healthcare industry too.  Working closely with industry partners Lucideon helps to ensure the safety, robustness and optimization of materials, processes and products.  With dedicated laboratories in the UK and US Lucideon is a global supplier of healthcare solutions to a number of the world’s leading names in healthcare.

The white paper can be downloaded via the panel on the right of this page.

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    Single Use Systems in the Pharmaceutical Industry - Advantages and Considerations

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