New EU Project at Ceram - Bioceramics for Bone Repair

Ceram is pleased to announce that it is taking part in a new EU-funded project - Bioceramics for Bone Repair (BIO-BONE). The four-year project aims to train young researchers in the strategic area of bioceramics and to develop novel bioceramic materials for bone repair.

Six academic partners and four industry partners from countries throughout Europe make up the consortium which will look at processing and new materials, biodegradation understanding and optimization and cell/material interactions. Ceram's team of material experts will co-ordinate the biodegradation part of the project.

The project builds on one of Ceram's current projects into bone repair replacement materials; with new bioresorbable glass and newly-patented hydroxyapatite (HA) biomaterials, the team is currently looking into substituting multi-elements into Hydroxyapatite, in order to make a range of HA-based biomaterials that are bioactive and biocompatible. A white paper detailing initial studies into this area is now available to download above.

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  • White paper

    Multi-Substituted Hydroxyapatites & Their Role in Bone Replacement

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