Lucideon to Present at the Tile and Bricks Europe Spring Meeting

Dr Andrew Smith, Head of Sustainability & Construction Materials, has been invited to present the UK’s ‘Clay Bricks and Clay Blocks’ Resource Efficiency Action Plan (REAP) to the Sustainable Construction Working Party of the European Trade Association, Tile and Bricks Europe* (TBE) on 10 March 2014, in Brussels.

Sharing the sustainability objectives and policies of the Green Construction Board (GCB), Construction 2025 Industry Strategy, Construction Products Association (CPA) and Government, the REAP provides a framework towards reducing the overall environmental impact of clay bricks and blocks, and hence addresses all aspects of resource efficiency within the supply chain, including: waste, water, carbon (energy usage and emissions), materials (primary raw materials and secondary/recycled materials) and biodiversity.

The production of the REAP brought together representatives from all parts of the supply chain, including those involved in the production of products and their distribution, installation, recycling, reprocessing and disposal.

Following the successful launch of the REAP report at the Houses of Parliament in October 2013, the UK clay brick and block manufacturing sector are working hard, translating the proposed actions into reality.

As technical author of the REAP, Dr Smith aims to share the findings and promote best practice within the “heavy weight” construction materials sector.

*Part of Cerame-Unie, the European Ceramic Industry Association.

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