Lucideon to Present at the 9th International Masonry Conference

The 9th International Masonry Conference, 7 - 9 July 2014, in Guimaraes, Portugal, is organised by the International Masonry Society and attracts authors from all over the world. The proceedings provide an authoritative text for universities, research institutes and industry, involved with applied research and development in not just structural masonry.

Dr Geoff Edgell, Director and Principal Construction Consultant, will be presenting a paper entitled ‘Committee for European Standardisation, TC125 Test Method Development: The First 25 Years’, whilst Dr Andrew Smith, Head of Sustainability and Construction Materials, will be presenting ‘Quantifying the Benefits of Lime Additions in Cement Based Mortars‘.

Geoff has chaired the Working Group responsible for the publication of fifty test methods for masonry units, mortars, ancillary components and masonry assemblages since its inception in 1988.

Geoff’s paper deals with the production of test methods for compressive strength of both masonry and masonry units and the introduction of the concepts of normalised strength and shape factor which although controversial, have enabled a coherent approach to the strength of masonry made from the huge variety of masonry unit types throughout Europe. The most difficult test upon which to achieve international agreement has been the freeze-thaw test for clay masonry units and the latest position is explained.

Andrew is Chair of the European Technical Committee responsible for masonry products, CEN TC125.

Andrew’s paper focuses on the benefits of hydrated lime additions to cement based mortars in respect of mortar and masonry durability. The paper reviews the existing scientific literature highlighting the areas where there are tangible and measurable benefits to the performance of the mortar by the addition of hydrated lime. In addition, the paper will examine the underlying modifications and changes in the mortar structure and composition, and what impact this has had in the development of the physical properties being investigated.

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