Lucideon to Present at Drug Delivery Partnerships Event

Lucideon will be presenting at the 2016 Drug Delivery Partnerships event taking place between the 20-22 January in Florida, USA.  Gemma Budd, Business Manager, Healthcare for Lucideon will be presenting ‘A new paradigm in drug delivery: soluble inorganic excipients’.  Gemma’s presentation will focus on some of the practical applications for soluble inorganic materials, their formulation performance and versatility in production and how their behaviour can be modified for tailored results.

Gemma said:

“Polymeric excipients, which are widely used for many drug delivery platforms, have their limitations.  Common drawbacks are their lack of simplicity and reproducibility in terms of manufacture, their degradation rates and the release of their active ingredient. 

“By contrast, Lucideon’s inorganic controlled-release technology solutions can be applied to a wide range of products.  The mechanism of controlling the rate of drug release by virtue of controlling the solubility and thus dissolution of the carrier itself is an elegant, reproducible and controllable solution for everything from very fast-acting (minutes) oral dosage forms to very slow-releasing (months) injectable formulations.

“One of the big drivers of controlled release technology for the pharmaceutical industry is to deter drug abuse.  Another of our inorganic drug delivery platforms, iCRT-deter, is tamper resistant. This particulate system has a nanoporous structure, and by modifying the low temperature synthetic process we can control its porosity, which subsequently controls diffusion rate of the drug from within the pores.

Abuse deterrent features include an extremely high melting point, low or no drug release in common household solvents, and a porous particulate structure that maintains the controlled release and abuse deterrent features even when crushed. 

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