Lucideon to Host Sustainability Workshop on 29 January 2016

Lucideon is hosting a free to attend workshop, ‘2016 – What’s Trending in Sustainability?’ The event will be held at Jurys Inn London Watford, Clarendon Road, Watford on the 29 January 2016 and will focus on how collaborative approaches can help businesses to focus, drive and develop their sustainability strategies.

The workshop will bring together expert presenters from across industry who will provide first-hand experience of implementing strategies and protocols to help meet sustainability targets.  Presenters will consider the environmental, social and economic drivers and impacts of meeting sustainability obligations and regulations.

Ann-Marie Cornall, Commercial Manager, Sustainability Business Unit at Lucideon said:

“Sustainability has become a much bigger part of business responsibility in recent years, and with added government pressures and public interest, that will only increase.  During the workshop, we will examine what can be learnt from each other in industry and historically, in order to gain the best competitive advantage going into 2016.

“We understand that businesses require a balance between planet, people and profit.  Many believe that the right way to achieve this is by sharing ideas and working collaboratively to meet this challenge.  The workshop will allow attendees to find out how businesses are already seizing this initiative and how it can be rolled out to others for even wider effect.”

Lucideon knows that managing resources (materials, energy, emissions, behavior, water and waste) efficiently is a key driver in business; it can help to make continuous improvements in products, processes and organizations, thus driving cost reduction, limiting environmental impact and increasing profitability. The Sustainability Business Unit at Lucideon provides consultancy around EU ETS, Building Performance Optimization, Carbon Footprinting, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, OHSAS 18001 and ESOS.

[Registration for this event has now closed].

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