Lucideon to Host Materials Selection Webinar

Lucideon will be hosting a webinar, “Understanding Materials Choices, Their Performance and Selection” on November 17th at 2:00PM (UK Time).

The webinar, which will be presented by Dr Chris Pickles, Principal Consultant, Surface Science at Lucideon, will focus on the importance of materials selection to optimize performance and develop applications. As materials development undergoes a revolution, driven by legislation and competition, it is important for technology companies to stay ahead of the crowd when developing products for market. The webinar will look at how testing and analysis can help to unlock the best performance from material properties.

Dr Chris Pickles said:

“In product design and development materials selection is of utmost importance. We wanted to highlight the role played by materials and draw on real life examples that we’ve been involved with to demonstrate how understanding materials can lead to innovations and improved products.

“There are a lot of advances being made with materials today and it’s important that any manufacturer finds, and uses, the material that strikes the right balance between cost, time and quality, for their application, to stand out in a crowded market. Drawing from our own experience we’ll be able to show how taking the time to understand materials and their properties produces the best results and products, with real value.”

Lucideon specializes in materials technologies for a range of industries, helping to develop innovative materials and discover novel applications for its partners in all sectors. Backed up by expert knowledge and state-of-the-art facilities Lucideon offers testing and analysis at all stages of design and development, helping to drive product innovation and speedy commercialization.

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