Lucideon to Host Cleanliness Validation for Medical Devices Webinar

Lucideon is hosting a webinar entitled “Validation and Quality Assurance of Medical Device Cleaning Processes” at 3pm (UK time) on Thursday 28th January 2016.  

The webinar will be hosted by Lucideon’s Dr Chris Pickles, Consultant, and Dr Richard White, Head of Testing, and will focus on regulatory guidance, sources of contamination, residue limits and the identification of contaminants and their sources using surface, gravimetric and residue analysis.

Dr Chris Pickles said,

”Effective cleaning of medical devices can be difficult.  With growing complexities in device design including geometries, chemistries and combination devices the task grows even more complicated.  If devices do not meet cleanliness requirements they can perform poorly or fail.

“Achieving device cleanliness to below acceptable levels is a regulatory requirement for all medical devices so it is important that cleanliness validation is achieved quickly and effectively for a smooth regulatory process and ongoing peace of mind.”

Lucideon offers a range of services for the medical device industry.  Lucideon’s dedicated cleaning validation service, VALIDATA, provides a quantitative, ongoing, third party validation solution.  Lucideon also offers regulatory submission support, QC testing, coating validation, wear testing, failure analysis and biocompatibility testing amongst other dedicated services for medical devices performed through Lucideon’s state-of-the-art testing and analysis facilities. 

[Registration for this webinar is now closed]. You can view the webinar recording here.

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