Lucideon to Hold Free Breakfast Forum – ‘Materials in Extreme Environments’ – 12 December 2014

Lucideon will be holding a free breakfast forum, ‘Materials in Extreme Environments’ on Friday 12 December at its headquarters in Stoke-on-Trent.

Often materials are limited in their behavior by the environment in which they are expected to operate or perform. Extreme operational environments such as very high or very low temperatures, high pressures, exposure to radiation, abrasive and corrosive conditions, all curtail the performance of many materials.

Extreme environments can be found in numerous situations, from space satellites exposed to extreme temperatures and radiation, to coatings on turbine blades subject to highly corrosive and abrasive agents. Whilst not obvious, the human body also represents a demanding environment where materials are put to the test.

The forum will examine how different materials behave at the limits of their performance whilst subjected to extreme conditions.

We are delighted that presentations will be given by Adrian Kirk, Systems & Improvement Manager at Monitor Coatings Limited, Prof. Robert Akid, BP/Royal Academy of Engineering Professor of Corrosion & Materials at The University of Manchester and Ajay Kapadia, Knowledge Transfer Manager at the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN).

Topics will include:

  • High Performance Coatings for Demanding Industries and Environments
  • Inorganic Materials as Protective Drug Delivery Systems
  • Research Approaches for Applications in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Materials in Demanding Environments – A Perspective from Innovate UK
  • Defeating Ballistic Threats with Ceramics

The forum will run from 8:00 - 11:30am and include a buffet breakfast, presentations, Q&A session, and networking opportunities.

<registration for this event is now closed>

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