Lucideon to Exhibit at the SAMPE Carolinas Materials Expo

Lucideon is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting at the SAMPE Carolinas Materials Expo 2015, showcasing 3DStrain, its new, state-of-the-art, three-dimensional strain measurement technique.  3DStrain is a non-contacting, optical measurement method that characterizes the effects of applying loads, and is particularly effective for irregularly-shaped objects of nearly any size.

Lucideon adds this technology to a suite of material development, characterization and analysis techniques including advanced surface analysis, 3D surface profiling, electron microprobe analysis, microstructural characterizations, chemical composition verification, thermal analyses, mechanical testing, and electrical insulation property evaluations.

Joe Beagle, Manager of Lucideon’s Greenville Division said:  “We’re excited to introduce 3DStrain to our clients.  It’s a full-field, surface strain measurement technique based on digital image correlation.  It can be used to generate three-dimensional surface displacement measurements where conventional strain gaging won’t work  due to complex geometry, size or location constraints.  

"We are happy to bring this versatile technology to our clients – literally, as 3DStrain is available for use in the laboratory, at the client’s site, or the field.   The applications for 3DStrain are nearly limitless.  Lucideon can assist clients with product design and verification of Finite Element Analysis models on objects ranging from a small orthopedic fastener to a full-scale automotive chassis.”

The SAMPE Expo takes place on April 23 at CU-ICAR in Greenville, SC.  To register click here.

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