Lucideon Releases Dates for 2017 Ceramic Whitewares Training

Lucideon has announced the January 2017 dates for the Ceramic Whitewares Training courses at its headquarters in Stoke-on-Trent.

The training courses are applicable to manufacturers, suppliers and retailers of ceramics products from every sector.

Caroline Mullington, Technology Partnership Manager, said:

“Further to the success of our Ceramic Whitewares Training this year, we are pleased to confirm that we’re extending some of the most popular modules into January 2017: Materials Selection, Kiln Firing, Glaze & Glaze Application and Pressure Casting.

“We’re also planning on adding advanced level courses to the 2017 schedule - we’ll publish information about these courses and the dates shortly.”

Lucideon training courses for Ceramic Whitewares and Refractories can also be tailored to meet individual business requirements and learning objectives; these can also be delivered on-site or via a webinar.

View the January 2017 Ceramics Whitewares Training course dates, or register your interest to be the first to find out about the new modules here.

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