Lucideon Publishes White Paper on Composite Materials

Lucideon has published a new white paper; ‘Lucideon’s Guide to Composites’

Written by John Cotton, Advanced Materials Consultant at Lucideon, this paper looks at what composites are and why they have such appeal. Attention is given to how they work and how composite technology is already being applied.  It explores how composites are designed and tested to develop new materials and products.

Lucideon has expertise in a variety of materials including ceramics, glass, metals, polymers and surface coatings and experience of working with a wide range of industries, both of which allow Lucideon’s experts to develop new materials for a wide range of applications. Lucideon has the capabilities to support and validate materials through a range of analytical techniques as well as pilot scale facilities to test performance.

John Cotton said:

“Composite materials possess combinations of properties that aren’t found in conventional monolithic materials. They are being used increasingly in aggressive environments and give a higher performance and have less environmental impact.

“They can be used to design lighter weight materials as they have a higher strength and stiffness to weight ratio than metals. This can help to lower fuel use and reduce harmful fuel emissions in the automotive and aerospace industries”.

Lucideon also works with existing materials to improve performance, increase applications, and reduce weight and resource use, and more, to improve manufacturing processes.

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    Lucideon’s Guide to Composites

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