Lucideon to Present at the Global Drug Delivery and Formulation Summit

Dr. Mark Cresswell, Healthcare Senior Scientist, will be presenting ‘Inorganic Controlled Release Technologies for Oral Formulations’ at the 6th Annual Global Drug Delivery and Formulation Summit in February in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Dr Cresswell is part of Lucideon’s team that is developing novel delivery platforms with specific controlled release rates. The inorganic controlled release technologies (iCRT) can be used for a variety of applications from antimicrobial activity and the remineralization of teeth to pharmaceutical applications for release of active pharmaceutical ingredients with abuse deterrent properties.

During the summit Dr Cresswell will be discussing some of the benefits of inorganic systems for oral formulations.

Dr Cresswell said:
“Using our experience in inorganic materials we’ve developed a series of drug delivery platforms for oral formulations. The benefits of Lucideon’s platform technology include better control of carrier properties, versatility in delivery for problem molecules, and a green manufacturing process. Inorganic systems like glass and ceramic show a more sustainable and reproducible control of the drug release over an extended period of time. They also have a simpler, more predictable drug release mechanism.”

Gemma Budd, Healthcare Business Manager at Lucideon, will also be attending the event. She said:

“At Lucideon we put a lot of focus on developing the next generation of technologies and seeing these through to commercialisation. With our extensive materials knowledge, laboratory and pilot scale development and manufacturing capabilities, we can work with our partners from the conception stage, through to feasibility, production and commercial realisation.

Lucideon will also be running a workshop on iCRT technologies at the Controlled Release Society Annual Meeting in Edinburgh in July.

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