Lucideon Extends its Healthcare Team in Wear Testing

Lucideon is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Qianqian Wang to its Healthcare Testing Team, as a Biomechanical Engineer. Qianqian will be running Lucideon’s new wear testing facility which provides services to the orthopaedic implant industry.

Prior to joining Lucideon, Qianqian worked as an academic researcher in bioengineering fields, collaborating with medical device manufacturers researching new biomaterials for orthopaedic implants whilst improving their clinical performance; firstly as a Post-Doctoral Researcher at Durham University, and then as a Research Fellow at the IMBE at Leeds University. The research outcomes have been published in peer-reviewed journals and disseminated at national and international conferences. Qianqian’s expertise lies in hip and knee orthopaedic implants with a focus on pre-clinical wear and friction assessments.

At Lucideon, Qianqian will calibrate and validate the ProSim hip wear simulator to ensure reliability and repeatability between test programmes, whilst establishing operating procedures and a management system in the wear testing laboratory for ISO 17025 accreditation purposes. Once these procedures have been established, he will be responsible for managing and performing testing for client projects, either to ISO 17025 accredited test methods, or through the development of customized test methods for more complex joints. In addition, Qianqian will also sit on the standards committees and drive progress in this growing area.

Lucideon has invested over £1M in establishing its wear testing facilities in the UK and USA, to better meet the needs of its customers whilst providing a more comprehensive portfolio of services. Its expertise in surface analysis and materials characterization, including failure analysis, complements this new capability and forms part of Lucideon’s commitment to develop and invest in new services for its Healthcare Business.

Gemma Budd, Business Manager, Healthcare, commented:

“Qianqian’s expertise in wear testing gained at the Universities of Leeds and Durham – both world-leading institutions in this field, will provide great credibility and reassurance to our clients when discussing their project requirements.

“The new service offering strengthens our position within the orthopaedics industry; we look forward to developing this service alongside our current package of regulatory testing and development services, with Qianqian at the forefront.”

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