Lucideon Extends its Analysis Techniques Offerings and Invests in an Agilent 7900 Quadrapole ICP-MS

Lucideon is pleased to announce it has invested in the latest Agilent 7900 Quadrapole Inductively Coupled Plasma – Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS).

The new ICP-MS identifies elements by their individual masses and isotopic fingerprints, and can achieve detection limits in the sub - parts per billion range. As well as isotopic identification, the new analytical equipment will allow Lucideon’s experts to conduct trace analysis of metals in a range of matrixes including pharmaceutical products, wear testing fluids, water, and cleanliness validation.

The new system analyses the majority of elements in the periodic table by ionising species to the +1 state, followed by Quadrapole Mass Spectrometric analysis of the ionised species. In addition, it is also able to distinguish between different oxidation states of elements and analyse anions and organic (carbon based) material.

Parmjit Bilan, Pharmaceutical Business and Technical Manager, commented:

“Our investment is further evidence of our commitment to offer a comprehensive testing and analysis service to our pharmaceutical and medical device clients. However, the ICP-MS can also be used for trace metal migration in food contact studies, nano-particle and nuclear applications. Oils, diesels and organic solvents can also be analysed directly on the instrument.

“The ICP-MS also allows us to offer isotope dilution analysis, meaning that we will be able to analyse archaeological, blood, hair and plant samples.”

To find out more about the analysis capabilities of the new Agilent 7900 Quadrapole ICP-MS, click here.

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