Lucideon to Host the Ceramic Innovation Network’s Conference

Lucideon is hosting and cosponsoring the free to attend Ceramic Innovation Network conference, ‘Energy Efficiency in Ceramic Processing’ on 13 April 2016 with the British Ceramic Confederation (BCC).

The conference will bring together academics and industrialists from all subsectors of the ceramics industry who are seeking to reduce energy consumption and costs within ceramic manufacturing processes.

Speakers will include representatives from the BCC, Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), Ibstock Building Products Ltd, Endeka Ceramics Ltd, Mantec Technical Ceramics Ltd and academics from universities, including Oxford, Birmingham, Sheffield Hallam and Queen Mary University of London.  Lucideon’s Dr David Pearmain, Head of Field Enhanced Processing, will present the ground breaking sintering technology Lucideon is developing to reduce firing times and energy consumption.

Stuart Maclachlan, Head of Research and Development at Lucideon, said:

“Reducing energy consumption in ceramics manufacturing has become a major focus in recent years, both for financial and environmental reasons.  A large number of leading industry researchers and practitioners will deliver their latest findings, thoughts and breakthroughs.

“The event will appeal to anybody who is involved within the ceramics sector, whether they’re manufacturers, retailers, suppliers or academics.  Significantly reducing carbon emissions and energy usage is a big task for the industry and it will be interesting to hear the latest news and innovations.”

Lee Brownsword, Technical & Environmental Manager at BCC, added:

“Fostering closer links between ceramic manufacturers and the UK research base is integral to improving energy efficiency in ceramic processing. This event aims to promote collaborative and innovative working between industry and academia in order to meet the decarbonisation challenge.”

Lucideon has played a long and successful role within the ceramics industry; its experts provide testing and consultancy for raw materials, processes and finished products for suppliers, manufacturers, importers and retailers.  Lucideon is also commercializing an innovative processing technology, Field Enhanced Sintering (FES), which uses electric fields to lower the energy required during firing and the time taken for ceramics to sinter.

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Academics are invited to showcase their research at this event. For information about displaying a poster at the conference, please contact Helen Clarke, Assistant to Technical and Sustainability Teams at the BCC:

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