How Imaging Technology Can Help Claim Support in Healthcare

Ceram has recently published a new white paper, The Use of Imaging for Claim Support in the Healthcare Industry.

Over the last ten years advances in high resolution imaging of both topographical features and chemical species' distribution have been applied increasingly in the characterization of commercially important surfaces such as hair, fibres, teeth, skin and textiles. These capabilities have been used extensively to inform both the development of products and the proof of efficacy in support of performance claims for companies in the Home Care and Consumer Healthcare sectors.

Written by Dr. Chris Pickles, Ceram's Head of Surface Science, the white paper describes some of the imaging techniques employed and gives examples of how these have been exploited in practice, from evaluating the level of protection afforded by oral health products to measuring the efficacy of skin and hair products, such as anti-wrinkle applications and conditioners.

The white paper is available as a free download from the box to the right.

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    The Use of Imaging for Claim Support in the Healthcare Industry

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